Círculo de Economía
Diseño y compaginación. Las Crisis de Europa, Editorial Galaxia Gutenberg
Puig, Corporate Guidelines
Corporate Identity Guidelines Update
Noel, Jamón Braseado al Horno
BAC, Engineering Consultancy Group
Brand / Corporate identity
Línea de loncheados Delizias
Packaging, diseño de etiquetas
GG Diseño, Gustavo Gili Editorial
Publications about design and communication
Precocinados Pasta Fresca
International Handball Tournament
Website design for the international handball cup
Nook Architects
Architecture web design firm
Competition euro banknotes
Design competition for the first series of euro banknotes
Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol
Logotype, corporate guidelines and publications system
Miquel Barceló
Notebooks from Himalaya
Institutional campaign
Institutional campaign about food security, Agència Catalana de Consum
Arrels foundation
Design of the quarterly “Arrela’t” magazine about homeless and vulnerably housed people
Noel Alimentaria
Packaging, labels for a new line of fresh pasta
Clínica Diagonal
Logo design, corporate guidelines and publications system
Ajuntament Sant Cugat
Campaign waste recycling
70th Anniversary BMG
Logo and corporate identity
Bluebay Hotel IOS, Greece
Brand identity
Competition Mascot FINA BCN 2013
Mascot design proposal
Granollers Cup
Logotype and corporate identity
FIATC insurance
Annual report
Adirondack, laboratory testing
Rebranding project and corporate guidelines
Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta
Design waterpolo swimsuits for women and men